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Barr Nunn Transportation Inc Customer Service

Contact Number: 515-999-2525

Headquarters Address: Barr-Nunn Transportation 1803 Burr Oak Blvd. Granger, IA 50109 USA

Barr Nunn Tracking – Track Trucking Load

Barr-Nunn, an experienced transportation and logistics business, is famous for offering dependable and effective shipping solutions to clients across the US and Canada. With state-of-the-art technology, Barr-Nunn Tracking offers real-time tracking of cargo in transit and optimized shipping routes that guarantee prompt delivery with short travel times. This skill enables the organization to satisfy the needs of companies of all sizes for affordable, efficient shipment management. Simply enter your tracking number in the tracking field above and click the track button next to it to use this. 

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Barr Nunn Transportation

Barr Nunn Transportation Tracking

Barr-Nunn Transportation is the carrier to choose if you’re looking for a dependable trucking company that values safety, effectiveness, and competitive pay packages. Since its founding in 1982, Barr-Nunn has built a solid reputation as a top-performing trucking business that serves the entire eastern United States.

Over 1,800 53-foot dry van trailers and about 550 tractors make up the fleet of Barr-Nunn Transportation.  They specialize in providing full truckload dry-van solutions for customers who place a high value on delivery timeliness and safety. Every tractor in their fleet has an in-cab computer from Omnitracs, and they frequently replace it with new technology spec’d with their drivers in mind. Furthermore, they drive 53-foot dry van trailers with tracking and cargo sensors that are recent models.

At Barr-Nunn Transportation, they respect their drivers and provide some of the greatest compensation packages in the business. They are consistently honored by the National Transportation Institute as a Top Pay Carrier. They offer competitive bonus opportunities, transition pay, short-haul pay, detention pay, freight premiums, and many other benefits in their pay packages.

Although being a professional truck driver can be stressful, they are dedicated to making your time on the road as relaxing and stress-free as they can. They priorities open communication and put a lot of effort into getting you home to be with your loved ones at the scheduled times. To help you in your work and free you up to concentrate on driving and delivering items safely and effectively, they also provide technology solutions like the Barr Nunn Trucking Load Tracking System. This system helps you track your transportation loads from the comfort of your home.

How do I track Barr Nunn Trucking Loads?

Our easy-to-use TrackaCourier online tracking tool lets you follow your Cargo and trucking status conveniently. To track your package, simply enter your AWB or Bill of Lading in the provided field above and click the “track” button. If you have any further questions, our customer support team is available to help.

Who owns Barr Nunn Transportation?

 Barr-Nunn was purchased by Knight Transportation in 2014. Now, they are proud to be a member of the most prosperous trucking company in the industry and operate as a separate subsidiary of Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.