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BC Ferries Tracking

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British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. Customer Care

Contact Number: (1-888-223-3779) Canada & USA

Head Office Address: 1112 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 4V2

Bc Ferries Reservation

It’s a quick and easy approach to making a reservation with BC Ferries. Customers can make reservations for their ferry trip over the phone or online at the BC Ferries website.

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Customers can choose their trip dates, terminals for departure and arrival, and the number of people when making an online reservation. Additionally, they can include extra services like special parking or seating. Customers will get a confirmation email with all the information about their trip after making a reservation.

BC Ferries Vacations

A distinctive and beautiful way to discover the stunning British Columbian coast is provided by BC Ferries Vacations. Travelers can select from a variety of options to fit their interests and budget thanks to the large selection of vacation packages.

The “Inside Passage Adventure” is a well-liked package that includes both a stay at a beachfront resort in either Prince Rupert or Port Hardy and a round-trip boat journey on the well-known Inside Passage route. The opportunity to view whales, bears, and other wildlife, as well as to investigate the area’s rocky coastline and green rainforests, makes this trip a fantastic choice for nature lovers.

Additionally, BC Ferries Vacations provides a wide range of different holiday packages and unique choices, including day trips, multi-day tours, and add-ons like car rentals and extras. They also provide packages for adventurous outdoor pursuits, including kayaking, fishing, and hiking.

BC Ferries Locations

 BC Ferries has a fleet of boats that travel between the coast’s several islands and the Canadian province of British Columbia. Regularly scheduled service is offered by the corporation to more than 47 locations, including distant areas and smaller towns in addition to well-known cities like Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo.

The Tsawwassen terminal, one of BC Ferries’ main ports, is situated in Vancouver. Ferries leave from here for Victoria, British Columbia, as well as the Gulf Islands, which include Salt Spring Island, Galiano Island, and Mayne Island. 

Overview of BC Ferries

For locals and tourists alike, BC Ferries is a crucial mode of transportation in British Columbia, Canada. Daily sailings are provided between Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the mainland, facilitating transit around the region and tying together communities.

Additionally, the corporation places a high priority on safety, doing routine inspections and safety drills on each of its ships. To ensure a safe and easy cruise, it also hires seasoned captains and crew workers. The business is committed to environmental sustainability and uses strategies like emission reduction and conservation promotion.

Furthermore, customers can track the progress of their ferry travel using a number of tools and services offered by BC Ferries. Utilizing the “Sailings and Reservations” tool on the BC Ferries website is one of the primary ways to track a ferry. Customers are able to monitor the status of all sailings, including departure and arrival times as well as any delays or cancellations, using this facility.

How do I track BC Ferries?

You may track and trace your  Ferries using the TrackaCourier web tracker system. Just enter it into the box above your specific tracking number. Press the track button after that. All done. Please contact the customer care department if you have any more queries or worries.

How early should you arrive for BC Ferries?

It is advised to get there at least 30 to 60 minutes before BC Ferries’ scheduled departure time. This will give you ample time to find parking, register, and board the ship.

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