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Daygard Logistics Tracking

Enter Daygard Logistics Tracking number to get your LTL Freight, Vessel, Import/Export Container, Warehousing shipments delivery details online.

Daygard Logistics Group Customer Support

Contact number: 01708 630 448
Corporate Office Address: Unit B1/B2 J31 Park Motherwell Way West Thurrock RM20 3XD

Daygard Tracking

Daygard Logistics isn’t just another name in the industry; it’s a symbol of reliability and efficiency. Their logistic tracker system ensures that every cargo, big or small, is accounted for at every step of its journey. This system is not merely a tracking tool but a robust solution that serves both businesses and individuals.

Whether it’s accessing a distribution calculator, obtaining logistic quotes, or checking a vessel schedule, Daygard’s extensive service offerings address every logistic requirement. Plus, With Daygard Tracking, you can see where your package is at any time, just like following a car on a map.

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About Daygard Logistics Group

The Daygard Logistics Group stands out in the world of shipping and logistics thanks to its family of specialized companies. This group includes NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers) like Freight Movers International (FMI) and Cargo Movers International (CMI), along with a customs clearance division called Daygard Clearances (DGC).

FMI began its journey in 2003, focusing primarily on imports from China. Within just a year, it expanded its services to include both imports and exports to and from many regions, showing its ability to adapt and grow quickly. This expansion was driven by forming strong partnerships with some of the top agents in different countries. These relationships have led to significant growth year after year.

The success of FMI paved the way for the creation of CMI and, later, the customs clearance brand, DGC. Together, these companies form the backbone of the Daygard Logistics Group. Over the years, Daygard has become one of the largest independent NVOCCs in the UK. They are known for covering all major trade lanes and offering more direct weekly services than many of their competitors.

One of the key differences that sets Daygard apart from others is how they handle cargo. Most of the cargo managed under the FMI and CMI brands is controlled in the UK. This approach gives them better control over the charges their clients have to pay, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness. This client-focused strategy is just one of the many reasons Daygard Logistics Group has established itself as a leader in the logistics and shipping industries.

How to track Daygard Logistics Shipments?

When you send something with Daygard Logistics, keeping track of your containers, vessels, freight, and couriers is super easy and reliable, thanks to the Trackacourier real-time tracker. Once you place an order, Daygard gives you a special tracking number. This number is like a magic key. Just enter it into the above tracker system, and you can see exactly where your package is in real-time.

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