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DFS Sofa Customer Support

Phone Contact number: 0808 274 6331
E-mail ID: contactus@dfs.co.uk

Overview of DFS Furniture

DFS Order Tracking

DFS (DFS Furnishings plc, stylized as dfs) is a furniture retailer with a focus on sofas and plush furniture. It has branches in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and Ireland. It is Traded in the London Stock market.

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Graham Kirkham had two children and a wife when he was 22 years old in 1969, which he credits as a major inspiration. After visiting a few factories as part of his everyday employment, he came to the conclusion that creating furniture was quite simple and that by eliminating the distribution center sellers from the supply chain, he can offer directly to the people at a discounted rate. In Carcroft, Kirkham leased space over a pool hall, where he began manufacturing furnishings and selling them to customers below under the name Northern Upholstery. Later, in 1983, Kirkham bought DFS Furniture Limited from Hardy Family, a Darley Dale-based company founded in 1963 or 1969, and from there, the DFS journey began.

They manage their own delivery system, which consists of over 20 storage facilities, close to 300 transportation trucks, and over 600 staff members who meticulously install their goods in the houses of their clients. The maintenance is done by their 280 maintenance supervisors and experts to take care of any after-sale difficulties. They also make investments in their websites so that they may continue to inspire their clients and make it simple for them to explore, order, and track and trace their goods online.

How do I track DFS Delivery?

You can track DFS SofA using TrackAcourier’s web tracker. The company will provide you with an online receipt for any order you place on their website. A special tracking code can be found on this invoice. Just enter this number into the top-notch tracker above. Press the Track button that is next to it. That’s it. Real-time updates about your package will be given to you.

Does DFS ring before delivery?

You will be offered a three-hour delivery date the day prior to the date of delivery you have selected. Their distribution crew will contact you as soon as they arrive to just let you know they are on the way. This occurs 30 to 60 minutes prior to their scheduled arrival.

How long is DFS guarantee?

A 15-year structural warranty is offered to you by DFS starting on the day your order is delivered. Your job as the buyer is to provide the original receipt in order to benefit from the DFS guarantee.