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King Solutions Customer Service

Phone Number: 800.728.8632

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Corporate Office Address: 11011 Holly Lane North, Maple Grove, MN 55369, USA

Kings Logistics & Freight Tracking

With the rise in e-commerce and the globalized nature of trade, the importance of reliable logistics and freight tracking has never been more paramount. Among the myriad options available, King Solutions Tracking stands out as a leader in the industry. Let’s dive into why this is the case.

What is King Solutions Tracking?

King Solutions, a renowned name in logistics, offers a robust tracking system aptly named King Solutions Tracking. This state-of-the-art tool ensures that both businesses and consumers can keep an eagle eye on their shipments, right from dispatch to delivery. Beyond just keeping tabs on shipments, King Solutions offers insights into freight payment status, BOL (Bill of Lading) details, and more.

Why Choose King Solutions for Your Freight Needs?

Precision Tracking

The king of freight tracking, as some might call it, King Solutions offers real-time updates on your shipments. This means no more guessing or waiting around – you know precisely where your goods are at any given moment.

User-friendly Interface

Navigating the King Solutions tracking platform is a breeze, even for those not tech-savvy. It’s designed with the user experience in mind, ensuring that you can find your tracking information quickly and efficiently.

Global Cargo Services Tracking

Whether you’re shipping within the country or sending something overseas, King Solutions has got you covered. With their global cargo services tracking, you can monitor shipments anywhere in the world.

Safety and Reliability

In the realm of logistics shipping company tracking, King Solutions boasts a stellar record. Their advanced systems ensure that your goods are transported safely and reach their destination on time.

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How Does King Solutions Tracking Work?

Much like other logistics company tracking systems, King Solutions utilizes unique tracking numbers – often referred to as the ‘pro number’ in logistics. Once your shipment is dispatched, you receive this number, allowing you to track its journey.

Fun Fact: Wondering what is a pro number in logistics. It’s essentially a unique reference number assigned to every shipment, helping logistics companies manage and track them efficiently.

Integrations and Affiliations

King Solutions collaborates with numerous partners, like VIP Shipping, Price Truck Lines, and North King Logistics, to name a few. This vast network ensures that wherever you’re shipping to or from, you have the best possible service.

About King Solutions

King Solutions, headquartered in Minnesota, is a stalwart in the logistics and supply chain industry. With over three decades of experience, they’ve carved out a reputation for consistently delivering unparalleled services to businesses worldwide. The company thrives on innovation, seeking out the most effective solutions for their client’s ever-evolving needs.

Founded on the principles of customer-centricity and forward-thinking, King Solutions has consistently evolved its offerings, encompassing everything from transportation management to warehousing solutions. Their dynamic approach ensures that clients receive tailor-made services, perfectly suited to their unique challenges and requirements.

A pillar of their success has been their unwavering commitment to sustainability. King Solutions is not just about moving goods; they’re about doing it responsibly. With a keen focus on minimizing their carbon footprint, they deploy eco-friendly initiatives across their operations, setting benchmarks for the industry.

Another standout feature is their robust technology platform, ensuring transparency and real-time insights for clients. Their renowned King Solutions Tracking system is a testament to this commitment, offering users precise, up-to-the-minute information on their shipments.

In essence, King Solutions is more than just a logistics provider. They’re a partner for businesses, dedicated to ensuring the seamless flow of goods, fostering growth, and promoting sustainable practices in the complex world of global trade.

What does King Solutions do?

Since their founding in 1989, they have been developing innovative supply chain solutions tailored to the particular requirements of their clients.

Who owns king solutions?

Andrich serves as the Chief Executive Officer and principal stakeholder of the Dayton-located King Solutions Inc. This third-party logistics firm was jointly acquired by her and her spouse, Brett Andrich, on March 26, 2021.

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