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MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Contact Details USA:

Phone Number:+1 2127644800


Head office Address: 420 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018, United States

MSC Container Tracking USA

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MSC provides products and solutions to regional clients, consumers, and global corporate associates. The organization takes pleasure in providing worldwide expertise with local understanding thanks to accessibility to a comprehensive international platform of assets for road, rail, and maritime transit.

MSC Bill of Lading BOL Tracking

A bill of lading is a form provided by a company (or its representative) to confirm the delivery of goods for shipping. It may be shortened to B/L or BoL. The tracking number that is most frequently used includes seven numbers followed by the prefix MEDU MSCU and is either put on the receipt or sent to you via email. Using this number, you can track and trace MSC goods at any time and at any place. The invoice was issued to you whenever the company collected your item. There might also be other common formats.

MSC Tracking Shipping Container

A Swiss-Italian global shipping line is called Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC). The business is active in almost all of the world’s main harbors. In terms of cargo ship capability, it is the second-largest transportation company on the globe.

International business MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company operates in the maritime and transportation industries. MSC, which has offices in 155 nations, promotes trading amongst developing industries in all regions as well as between the main economic sectors of the globe.

Overview of MSC

MSC Container Tracking

Captain Gianluigi Aponte, a seafarer, formed MSC in Naples in 1970 as a private business after purchasing his initial vessel, Patricia, and then Rafaela, with which he started a shipper line that operated across the Mediterranean and Somalia. Following that, the line grew by acquiring used freight vessels. The business was offering transportation to northern Europe, Africa, and the Indian Ocean by 1977. Through the 1980s, the company kept growing; by the latter part of the decade, MSC had vessels sailing to Australia and North America.

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 With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC is among the top vessel delivery companies in the globe. MSC employs more than 24,000 people and runs 480 corporate branches in 155 different regions. The transportation company of MSC visits more than 315 locations along more than 200 shipping pathways.

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How can I track my MSC container?

The TrackaCourier Container Tracking service has made MSC Tracking easy. Simply type your unique container number in the above tracker. After that, hit the track button. That’s it. You will be shown all the details you want.

Is MSC part of Maersk?

The Aponte dynasty is in charge of running the Geneva-based, privately controlled MSC. The business appointed Toft, previously the likely successor at Maersk, as its CEO in 2020.