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Orient Express Tracking-Track OEC Group online

Enter the orient express tracking number in our OEC tracker system to get container courier and shipment status details online.

Orient express container co ltd Customer Support:-

Contact Phone Number: 905-6739300
Taiwan Office Number: +886-4-2315-2886
Hong Kong Office Number:  +852-2619-1699
India Contact Number: +91-44-2232 8888
UAE Number: +971 4 22 11666
Portugal Office Number: +351 22 996 4892
Greece Contact Number: +30 2104292280
United States: +1-781-963-0773
FAX: 905-6738599
Headquarters Address: 3030 Orlando Dr. Mississauga On L4v 1s8 Canada

Orient Express Container (OEC) Tracking Online

Customers can access online consignment tracking solutions or e-services. Just enter your tracking ID in the form above, and the system will show the progress of your shipment. Furthermore, you can simply enter the names of the source and destination ports, and that will display the container’s live state. The user must first select a reference category, which could be a container number or BL number. The user is required to enter a tracking code after selecting a reference kind. The visitor then needs to select the “Track” icon that is provided below.

Overview of OEC Group

In order to provide consumers with the greatest delivery options, the OEC Group was founded in 1981. The OEC Company, which today operates from Asia to North America, has established credibility as one of the major logistics suppliers.

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They have maintained their top spot in overland shipping because of their yearly freight volume. They take tremendous pride in being ready to access your item at all times and have locations in more than 50 countries. They have a strong relationship with your items, so their OEC logistics employees can stay up to date on important market data. Their locations in Asia serve as a vital supply chain intermediary for both you and your dealers.

They have a strong conviction that great businesses have unique cultures, which they strive hard to uphold. Their working climate encourages accomplishment because they give people the ability to exceed their own objectives. They apply these principles to each and every customer and delivery. The OEC Group’s brand is built on exceeding client requirements. You’ll see that, as a result of their economic performance, their employees work more, provide better results, and earn greater wages than those of their competitors. They are a process-oriented company that strives for constant improvement.

With a massive infrastructure encompassing North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and the Middle East, they offer shipping, logistical, and information solutions to more than 50,000 users. The OEC Group keeps a careful eye on the retail sector in case any adjustments are required. They are in an excellent position to consistently enhance their delivery network by making the most cutting-edge, sensible, and cost-effective decisions. They put a lot of effort into keeping up with the always-changing logistics business so that they can offer you, the consumer, the most recent assistance and data.

How do I track OEC package?

Trackacourier gives you an online tracker where you can track OEC logistics. When you send items from them, They give you a receipt. This receipt contains a unique tracking code. Simply put this number into the above world-class tracker. Then press the Track button next to it. That’s it. You will be provided with real-time updates about your package.

Who owns OEC?

The OEC Group is led by Marc Bibeau, who also serves as president.

Is OEC a freight forwarder?

Group OEC One of the top NVOCC freight forwarding firms, OEC Group was founded in 1981. OEC Group holds a solid presence in a sector that is expanding quickly thanks to its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan; national headquarters in New York; and branches all over the world.

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