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Pitt Ohio Express Inc Customer Service

Phone Number: (800) 366-7488

Fax No: 412-232-0944

Contact Email:

Main Office Address: 15 27th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Pitt Ohio Tracking – Track LTL Trucking & Freight Status

The staff at PITT OHIO are aware of how important it is to have quick access to all of your freight needs. They specifically designed e-business technologies to benefit your company for this reason. To check on the status of your current cargo, enter your Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Pro number, LTL Bill of Lading number, or LTL Pickup number. Your customers’ supply chains are more transparent thanks to the adoption of electronic processes.

In order to provide its clients with the necessary resources for a more efficient and cost-effective business operation, PITT Ohio has developed an award-winning platform. They promise that the technology solutions they offer will meet your needs for LTL. Using their Web Services, they can seamlessly integrate your existing systems or website with their rate quotes, freight charges, imagery, live “Pitt Ohio Freight & Trucking Tracking,” or API BOLs.

About Pitt Ohio Express

A pioneering company in supply chain management and transportation, PITT OHIO Express, LLC, or simply “PITT OHIO,” was founded in 1979. The hub of transportation for companies in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern regions of the United States is PITT OHIO, which is based in the energetic city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Hammel brothers, from a family with a long history in freight transportation, Charles L. “Chuck” Hammel III, Robert F. “Bob,” and Kenneth W. “Ken,” came up with the idea for the family-owned business. Over time, the Hammels and their devoted team of 3,500 US workers have transformed the business from a powerful Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) leader to a full-service provider of transportation solutions.

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A network of 25 strategically placed terminals located throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest areas serves as the foundation of PITT OHIO and focuses on direct LTL delivery. Due to strategic alliances with prestigious sibling firms like Dohrn Transfer, Ross Express, and US Special Delivery, the company has significantly expanded its reach to 32 additional ports in the Midwest and additional England areas. By using a unified strategy, PITT OHIO can provide seamless LTL freight coverage across North America while gaining patrons’ trust through excellent service and prompt delivery.

In collaboration with a variety of North American carriers, PITT OHIO is consistently improving service quality and reducing transit times on numerous routes across the continent. The expansion of Express Lanes to the West Coast and Texas demonstrates the company’s dedication to offering clients quick delivery options.

The guarantee of multi-year pricing stability, which increases the possibility of business expansion, is a significant benefit for clients collaborating with PITT OHIO. This program demonstrates the company’s commitment to strengthening business ties and allaying worries about the future of shipping.

With its distinctive, 24/7 online package tracking system, PITT OHIO stands apart in an age of digital connectedness by giving consumers the ability to view the status of their shipments at all times. PITT OHIO has established itself as a strong and trustworthy partner for all of your North American transportation needs by continually improving its service offerings and utilizing technology.

How can I check Pitt Ohio Freight Tracking status?

With our convenient TrackaCourier online tracking service, you can easily trace your air freight, LTL cargo, shipping, logistics, and cargo. To monitor your package, just enter your tracking number or PRO in the form above and click “Track”. If you have any further questions, our customer support staff is available to help.

Who owns PITT OHIO trucking?

Charles (Chuck) Hammel IV is the current CEO and owner of the company.

How many trucks does PITT OHIO have?

There are 49 commercial vans in total at PITT Ohio, and they are 5.1 years old on average.

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