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Track Pura Vida Bracelets Order Tracking Status

Beginning as a little brand at the local corner store, Pura Vida quickly established their uniqueness as their bracelets sold out in a short time. Now that the brand is available to individuals everywhere, shipping issues may arise due to a large number of customers. Order tracking is useful in this situation. So, how can your Pura Vida order be tracked?

The first step is to buy any jewelry from the Brand official site. When you’re ready to view the tracking URL, click the track section on the official site. Two options are available for tracking your product from there. One is by inputting your order ID, via email or phone, and selecting “track” to receive the relevant details. The site also offers a second method, where you submit your tracking number. You can select whichever approach suits your needs the best.

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Pura Vida Customer Service

Contact Number: (858) 232-4945
Email ID:
Corporate Office Address: 7979 Ivanhoe Ave. Suite 400 in La Jolla, CA 92037,USA

About Pura Vida Bracelets

A fine selection of hand-crafted bracelets and jewellery may be found at the online jewellery retailer Pura Vida Bracelets. Gryphon Thall and Paul Goodman, two college buddies who discovered these wristbands while on holiday in Costa Rica, started the business in 2010. The company has now amassed enormous recognition thanks to its distinctive style and superior goods.

At first, the Pura Vida owners paid $100 to a couple of local bracelet manufacturers named Joaquin and Jorge for 400 bracelets, which they then took back to the United States. In Malibu, California, at a tiny storefront named Planet Blue, they offered their initial supply of bracelets for sale. By late 2013, the company had 50 workers in Costa Rica and 12 in the US, having grown dramatically in only a few short years.

As of July 2019, the brand employed approximately 650 people, all of whom put forth endless effort to produce these exquisite bracelets. For a stunning $75 million in 2019, Vera Bradley acquired a 75% stake in Creative Genius, the parent firm of Pura Vida. This acquisition has helped the business grow its line of products and reach a wider audience while also improving the brand’s presence. In 2024, Vera Bradley will have the chance to buy the remaining 25% of the business.   

How to track Pura Vida Order Tracking status?

You can quickly track your couriers, parcels, jewelry orders, and packages with our user-friendly TrackaCourier online tracking application. Simply enter your order number in the form above and click “Track” to track your package. Our customer service team is here to assist you if you have any additional queries.

How long does Pura Vida take to ship?

They often try to deliver your item within a day. Your order and packages may, however, take up to three days to be delivered across the nation.

Who delivers Pura Vida ?

For international order delivery, the company uses 948 carriers, including DHL, USPS, FedEx, and others.

Where does Pura ship from?

Their facility in the Netherlands handles all shipments. All the orders are fulfilled from this facility. 

Why is my Pura Vida order taking so long?

Many factors affect the delay in shipping. It may occur as a result of inventory shortfalls, problems with the supply chain, a manpower shortage, etc.

How much does Pura Vida shipping cost?

Within the United States, regular delivery costs $4. But there will be no delivery fees if your order totals more than $40.

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