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Sprintstar Canada Tracking

Put Sprintstar Canada Tracking number in the below tracker system to Track all of your Courier, parcels, Cargo Carrier, Shipments online.

Sprintstar Canada Customer Support:-

Contact number: 1-800-959-8281

Overview of Sprintstar(Apple Express)

A savable amount of Landmark Global’s last-mile distribution in Canada is managed by Sprintstar, a completely owned division of bpost. This service’s introduction and marketing allowed for better client experience management. The integration of PUDO’s expertise and system into the Sprintstar system is a prime illustration of that management.

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If the shipment receiver is not present when the driver undertakes the first distribution effort, Sprintstar drivers will be capable of leaving products at a safe and accessible PUDO site. Additionally, Landmark will be able to extend its Sprintstar offering to numerous previously untapped locations thanks to the PUDO services network.

Who is Sprintstar Canada?

Sprintstar is a subsidiary of bpost.

How do I track Sprintstar shipping?

TrackaCourier allows you to track and trace your shipments in real-time. You have to do one simple thing. Simply enter your tracking ID in the above real-time web tracker. This ID will be provided to you by the company via email. After entering that ID, hit the track button. That’s it. You will be notified shortly about your order information.

Does Sprintstar deliver to the door?

Yes, they do have the facility to deliver your order to your doorstep. 

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