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Wanbang Express Tracking

Enter the Wanbang Express Tracking number in our tracker tool to Track your Wanbexpress parcel, international Logistics, Amazon package, and Shipping status details online.

Wanbang Express Customer Care Services:-

Phone number: 0575-88961777

E-mail: &

Corporate Office Address: Shaoxing Wanbang International Logistics Co Ltd, Room No. 1301, Huanyu Building, No. 300 West Fenglin Road, Jinghu New District, Shaoxing City, China

Wanbang Express Tracking Number Example

Wanb Express typically uses the following pattern for tracking numbers: WNB in uppercase letters, followed by two more uppercase letters, 10 numbers, and a few more capital letters. Take, for example, WNBAA 321 654 987 9DF.

Wanbexpress tracking USA, UK & Canada

With just a couple of hits on this website, you can monitor every shipment delivered via the Wanbexpress courier, which offers to ship to a large number of nations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Sweden are all represented. When a shipment is shipped to you, the shipper is responsible for providing you with a tracking code that you may apply on our website to follow the transportation of your post or shipment.

Overview of Wanbang Express

WanB Express is a cross-border transportation firm that specializes in parcel shipping. The company provides services that are tailored to the demands of the customers. Additionally, this company primarily serves 200 nations in addition to North America and Europe. Both locally and globally, people can get their services.

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They also provide end-to-end assistance and high-quality, affordable offerings. Becoming an economical network reduces your 50% cost in comparison to competing firms. In response, their solutions are prompt; the business sends your package around the world in 5-7 days. Additionally, cutting-edge technologies like the online FBA delivery service allow you to pick up and deliver items from any Amazon facility. For the greatest comfort, air freight, rail transport, and ocean cargo options are offered. Additionally, you can buy the returned and relabeled offerings if necessary.

The clever techniques they develop for the clients are the greatest thing. This technique allowed clients to make payments in the currency of their choice. There will be a delivery rate calculator available for accurate estimates. Additionally, an on-time tracking UI is able to monitor your delivery and provide the courier’s progress.

What is Wanbang Express?

Wanb Express is a shipping and logistics business for global e-commerce that was established in 2017 by SHENZHEN WANBANG INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Co., Ltd.

How do I track WanB Express’s Shipping?

Using the online tracking system of TrackaCourier, you can track and trace your Express Order. Just put your tracking PRO/BOL number in the above field. After that, press the track button. That’s it. For more details, please visit the customer support section.

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