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WHLC Container Tracking

Enter your WHLC Container Tracking BOL number to get information on shipping lines, cargo, freight, vessel, vehicle transportation, port facilities, terminal, and vessel schedules in real time.

WHLC Tracking – Track Container, Cargo, Vessels Status

You can simply keep track of your cargo for up to 90 days thanks to WHLC’s sophisticated tracking system. By keeping you informed of the whereabouts of your transports, this real-time monitoring tool enables you to make better options and streamline operations. Don’t worry if you need to get to cargo monitoring information after the 90-day window has passed. For help, you can easily contact the area Wan Hai office. Whether it’s giving previous tracking data or addressing any other issues you might have, the committed experts at Wan Hai are always prepared to assist you with your shipping requirements.

The user-friendly form provided by WHLC Tracking lets you enter either the Bill of Lading (BL) or the container number, which makes tracking several shipments even simpler. Both formats are supported by the system: BL as a 10-digit number (for example, 9999999999) and container number as WHLU1234567 or whlu1234567. A projected timeline is also provided by WHLC for your containers and vessels, giving you a general indication of when your goods will be delivered to their destination. Please be aware that this timetable is solely intended as a guide and that changes may be made without prior notice.        

Wan Hai Lines Ltd Customer Service

Phone Number: 886-2-25677961
Contact Email:
Facsimile (Fax): 886-2-25216000
Corporate Office Address: WAN HAI LINES (USA) LTD. 301 East Ocean BLVD.SUITE 1650 Long Beach, CA 90802

About WHLC (Wan Hai Lines)

Wan Hai began as a raw log shipping business in Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia on February 24, 1965. The business adopted containerization in 1976 and started exporting containers from Taiwan to Japan by investing in its first full-container ship, the MV “Ming Chun”. Wan Hai became the third-biggest carrier in Taiwan as a result of expanding its network over time to South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

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The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has given Wan Hai awards in recognition of its supremacy in the intra-Asian shipping sector. The corporation has also made investments in specialized ports and container depots in Taiwan and foreign countries like China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan. The corporation has also made investments in specialized ports and container depots in Taiwan and foreign countries like China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan. Today, Wan Hai serves in 33 nations and provides shipping services to India, the Middle East, the east and west coasts of the United States, and the west coast of South America, becoming a global shipping firm.

How can I check wan hai lines container tracking status?

You can quickly track your container, vessels, carried, cargo, logistics, and shipping with our user-friendly TrackaCourier online tracking application. Simply enter your tracking number or PRO in the form above and click “Track” to track your package. Our customer service team is here to assist you if you have any additional queries.

What shipping line is WHL?

It refers to the well-known global logistics company WAN HAI LINES LTD.

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