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Zip Xpress Tracking Status Online

Enter the Zip Xpress Tracking number in our tracker system to check your Freight, Trucking, and Shipment and Get Real-time delivery status details online.

Zip Xpress inc Customer Care:-

Support Contact Number: 1-800-889-8583


Head Office Address: 867 Interchange Drive, Holland, MI 49423

Zip Tracking

It is not surprising that Zip Xpress incorporates tracking into its process as they meet individuals’ requirements for distribution networks. This is dependent on a number of factors, the main one being that tracking makes certain that customers are informed of when their items will be delivered, preventing misunderstandings or last-minute problems. Additionally, tracking informs customers of the progress of their orders and any pertinent shipment information, simplifying the procedure overall. To track your goods, simply type your tracking number in the above box, and you will be provided with the latest information about your order.

Overview of Zip Express

Private equity firm Zip Xpress is a regular and specialty LTL courier headquartered in West Michigan. Their objective is to “recycle air” in empty trucks used for deliveries by their Michigan-based partners. Their clients focus on saving both cash and space as a result of their streamlining initiatives. For clients with special requirements, including precise, time-sensitive shipments; defensive services from extreme temperatures or cold; and employment distribution concerns, Zip Xpress offers a “Safe Haven.” Through their customer-focused solutions and expedited shipping options, they provide quality. As a result, our clients rarely pay more than they need to for the same high-quality solution.

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Furthermore, Zip Xpress provides Headload, Blanket Wrap, Speedy, and LTL operations from Michigan to the Eastern Seaboard, West Side, Southwest, Southeastern, New England, and Canada. They also offer a special service that allows you to track and trace your shipments via their online portal.

How to track Zip packages and deliveries?

Your tracking ID can be entered in the web tracker above. Next, tap the track button next to the box. You will be informed of all the details pertaining to your packages in a flash.

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