Atlas Cargo Tracking

Just type your Atlas Cargo Tracking number, and with the help of the latest tracking info, you will be able to see where your cargo shipments are and the current status.

Using the Atlas Cargo Tracking system, you will know where your shipments are and receive updates in real-time.

Use the trackacourier form above to track your Atlas Cargo Shipment.

Atlas Cargo Tracking

Atlas Air is a top-notch, worldwide player in performed air freight services. They provide a variety of shipping services such as ACMI, CMI, Ad-hoc, program charters, scheduled service, and fast shipments. 

The fleet of the Company’s aircraft enables you to ship goods of all sizes and types globally. They are committed to being reliable, and flexible, and providing top-notch customer service!

How Atlas Cargo Tracking Works

Here is information on how you can easily track your Atlas Cargo shipment:

  • Fast Tracking via the trackacourier website:
    1. In the form above enter your Air Waybill (AWB) number into the tracking form.
    2. Follow through to the page and it will show you information regarding your Atlas tracking.
    3. You’ll get basic details like origin, destination, number of pieces, and weight.

Here is an example of an existing Atlas shipment tracking if you were curious to see what kind of information you could track.

Why Tracking Your Atlas Cargo is Important

  1. Peace of Mind: Make sure that your package is visible at all times and therefore you will not cause any anxiety as you will always know where the cargo package is.
  2. Customer Service: In case one of your clients would like to check on the status of a shipment, you can always look up the information and provide it.
  3. Proactive Planning: Prepare for possible delays and make timely changes in delivery schedules or prior inform your customers.

Additional Tips

  • Understand Air Waybill Numbers: The AWB is the way to follow the route of your Atlas shipment. Make sure you have the right AWB for your particular shipment.
  • Check Status Regularly: Track the shipment’s movement, especially if it is sensitive in terms of time.
  • Contact Atlas Support: You will find a team of support people to answer any inquiries or specific issues you may have concerning Atlas Air.

Atlas Cargo Customer Service

Atlas Cargo Tracking

General Inquiries: +1 (914) 701-8000
Contact Email
Headquarters: Purchase, New York, USA

Where is Atlas Cargo located?

Atlas Cargo, operated by Atlas Air Worldwide is operated in many different locations but it’s headquarters are located in the USA.

Here is more information regarding Atlas Cargo’s locations:

  • Headquarters: Purchase, New York, USA. It is where the main business operations and management take place.
  • Flight Operations Center: Covington, Kentucky, USA. This is where they usually handle flight schedules, crew assignments, and real-time tracking of their planes.
  • Global Presence: Atlas Air runs a gigantic worldwide network of flights.
    They have crew bases in cities like:
    • Anchorage, Alaska
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Los Angeles, California
    • Memphis, Tennessee
    • Miami, Florida
    • Manhattan is the main borough of New York City, New York.
    • Ontario, California
    • Tampa, Florida
  • Additional Offices: Atlas also has sales and support infrastructure in different countries to function well globally.

If you would like to find out more information regarding Atlas Air locations feel free to check out the links below:

What happens if my Atlas Cargo package is lost?

If your Atlas Cargo package is lost, here’s what you need to do:

1. Gather Information:

  • Air Waybill (AWB) Number: This is the unique tracking number for your shipment.
  • Shipping Documentation: Invoices packing lists and any contracts related to the shipment.
  • Proof of Value: Proof of their content and value will be useful for insurance companies.

2. Contact Atlas Cargo Immediately:

  • Atlas Air Website: For contact details ( visit their contact page.
  • Report the Loss: Give your contact details, write the AWB number, and in case of any other details, you can provide them.

3. Initiate a Claims Process:

  • Atlas Air will need a standard procedure for dealing with lost cargo claims. Follow their instructions carefully.
  • Your information may require a separate document, especially proof of value.

4. Insurance Considerations:

  • Cargo Insurance: In case you are covered by cargo insurance, contact your insurance provider and have them start the claim process.
  • Atlas Air’s Liability: Atlas Air’s liability may be limited due to the contract terms and international regulations.

Important Notes:

  • Act Promptly: Reporting lost cargo as soon as possible raises the chances of being found and speeds up the claims process.
  • Documentation is Key: The more accurate records you have about your cargo, the stronger your claim.
  • Understand Liability Limits: Check the contract terms and conditions to find out what limits there are on Atlas Air’s liability with the shipping agreement.