US Elogistics service corp tracking

To find your package, enter your US Elogistics Service Corp tracking number. You can use different numbers like PRO Number, BOL Number, Container Number, or Airway Bill.

The tracking helps you know where your shipment is as it travels worldwide.

Use the trackacourier form above to track your US Elogistics Service Corp Shipment.

US Elogistics Service Corp Tracking Options

Here are tracking Numbers that US Elogistics Service Corp uses.

  • PRO Number: This number helps to track your shipment with US Elogistics and you can find it in emails or invoices.
  • Bill of Lading Number: It’s a document showing the terms of transportation and you can find it on your document.
  • Container Number: Helps track shipping containers for international transport which is on the container.
  • Airway Bill: Document for air shipments. Look for it in the document or airline website.

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US Elogistics Service Corp Customer Service

Below you can find contact information:

General Inquiries: (833)-3564478
Contact Email:
Headquarters:  1100 Cranbury South River Rd. Monroe, Township NJ 08810

About US Elogistics Service Corp

US Elogistics Service Corp

US Elogistics Service Corp is a company that helps move things from one place to another. They started in Brooklyn, NY in 2007. They have different services like sending things on ships, trucks, or planes.

They also have big storage places for keeping things for a long or short time. They can help with all the steps needed to move things, like getting permission to cross borders and keeping records. They changed their name to CIRRO Fulfillment in 2022.

What is US Elogistics Service Corp Tracking?

US Elogistics Service Corp Tracking is a service that allows you to see the location of your shipping every step of the way.

With their tracking, you can see exactly where your shipment is which is reassuring for both the sender and receiver.

You can use your PRO number to track your shipment which you can do in our form above.

Where is US Elogistics Service Corp located?

US Elogistics Service Corp is global and is situated in many different locations.

But its main headquarters are based at 1100 Cranbury South River Rd. Monroe, Township NJ 08810.

What happens if my US Elogistics Service Corp package is lost?

If your package gets lost, here’s what you can do:

1. Contact CIRRO:

  • Call them at (833)-3564478 or email them at and let them know that you have lost your package.
  • You can also find them on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

2. Be Specific:

  • Tell them you’re looking for a package that got lost with US Elogistics before the change.
  • Give them the tracking number, shipment date, and other important details.

3. Understand the Process:

  • CIRRO Fulfillment will need time to check and may not have quick answers.
  • Be patient and helpful while they’re working on it.

4. Think About Additional Things:

  • If the package had valuable things, you might need to ask for insurance money.
  • If there were problems with customs, you might have to talk to customs people.