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About Ana Cargo

ana-cargo Ana Cargo Tracking

ANA Cargo (All Nippon Airways Cargo) is one of the major established airfreight carriers which is known for its reliability and wide route network the world over. Nowadays, with international trade as well as shipping increasing day by day, the safety and timely delivery of your cargo is very important. ANA Cargo is aware of this situation and thus offers fast-tracking facilities to keep you updated.

How to Track Your ANA Cargo Shipment

ANA Cargo provides several many ways to track the progress of your shipment:

  • ANA Cargo Website:
    • Use the tracking form above and enter the tracking number.
    • On the next page just follow the links and instructions.
  • Contacting ANA Cargo: If you like it more, you can ring or email ANA Cargo customer support giving the AWB number for tracking info.

What Information Can You Track?

ANA Cargo tracking typically provides the following details:

  • Current Location: Know in real time the exact position of your shipment.
  • Transit Points: Find hub airports and other stops that are being used by your shipment.
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Ask for an updated cost of arrival of your shipment.
  • Status Updates: Receive notifications of significant events like departure, arrival, customs clearance, or any likely delays.

The Benefits of Tracking with ANA Cargo

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing the location of your important cargo all the time will mean one less thing to worry about and better logistics as well.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: If you have delays you can communicate with recipients or do other required things.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: The data collected for the shipments enable you to recognize the word and find out where you can improve the logistics.

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ANA Cargo Tracking Customer Service

General Inquiries: 1-800-2-FLY-ANA (1-800-235-9262)
Contact EmailN/A

Where is ANA Cargo located?

ANA Cargo has a network of locations across the globe. Here’s a breakdown of where you can find them:

  • Headquarters: The main headquarters of ANA Cargo are located in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Major Cargo Hubs: ANA Cargo has major cargo hubs at the following airports:
    • Narita International Airport (NRT) – Tokyo, Japan
    • Haneda International Airport (HND) – Tokyo, Japan
    • Kansai International Airport (KIX) – Osaka, Japan
  • International Locations: ANA Cargo has a presence in many key cities and airports worldwide to facilitate their global shipping network. You can find a full list of locations on their website:

ANA Cargo operates in locations all over the world and here is where you can find them.

  • Headquarters: The ANA Cargo Headquarters is situated in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Major Cargo Hubs: At these airports ANA Cargo has big cargo hubs:
    • Narita International Airport, also referred to as NRT (Tokyo International Airport, Japan).
    • Haneda International Airport (HND) – Tokyo, Japan
    • The Osaka International Airport, Kansai International Airport (KIX) – Osaka, Japan
  • International Locations: With ANA Cargo in many major cities and airports around the world, they can undoubtedly build a global shipping network. You can find a full list of locations on their website:

What happens if my ANA Cargo package is lost?

If your ANA Cargo package is unfortunately lost, here’s what you need to do:

1. Act Quickly:

  • Gather Information: Make sure that you have all the relevant documents with you, Air Waybill number (AWB), description of the package contents, and all the shipping details.
  • Contact ANA Cargo immediately: Call ANA Cargo customer service and report the lost package. You can find contact information on their website (You can check at ( or have a look at the shipping documents.

2. Investigation:

  • ANA Cargo will initiate a search: They will do their best to track your package in their system and to return its direction.
  • Be prepared to provide supporting evidence: The customs officers might ask for proof of the package’s value and its content as well.

3. Compensation:

  • Declared Value: Throughout transportation, make sure you have assessed and forwarded the value of the goods. By this we decide the maximum potential compensation if your package is lost.
  • Liability: ANA Cargo’s liability is based on various international conventions and agreements, including the Montreal Convention. These set the limitations of the cargo liability up to the kilogram amount.
  • Insurance: Moreover, with extra cargo insurance you purchased, may provide more coverage than the standard liability of ANA Cargo.