Shipt Tracking – Track Grocery Delivery

Type your Shipt tracking number to see where your groceries and household deliveries are with live tracking information.

Using Shipt Tracking you can find out where your grocery deliveries are with real-time information so you know where it is every step of the way.

Use the trackacourier form below to track your Shipt Shipment.

Shipt Tracking – Cargo Tracking Status

Shipt tracking helps you see how your delivery from the store to your house is going and here’s what happens:

When you order with Shipt:

1. You get an order confirmation: This tells you when your groceries should arrive and gives you a link to track it.

2. The Shipt shopper starts shopping: You can see where they are in the app or with the link. You’ll get updates like “shopping,” “scanning items,” and “coming to your house.”

3. The shopper brings your order: You’ll know when it’s on the way and when it gets there.

Shipt tracking usually includes the order info, delivery progress, when it should arrive, the shopper’s details, and how to contact them if you need to which is very helpful.

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Shipt Tracking Customer Service

General Inquiries: (205) 502-2500
Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama at 17 20th St N #100

About Shipt Tracking

shipt tracking

Shipt is a delivery service. It brings groceries and other important things from nearby stores to your house. It started in 2014 and is now owned by Target Corporation. Shipt works in more than 5,000 cities in the United States. It delivers goods from many different stores.

What is Shipt Tracking?

Shipt Tracking helps you see where your order is from the time you order it until it gets to your house. It has tools to keep you updated and make sure your delivery goes well.

The tracking allows you to see where your items are every step of the way with live tracking.

Where is Shipt Tracking located?

Shipt doesn’t have real stores but works in lots of big cities in the US. Their main office is in Birmingham, Alabama, where they started. They also have an office in San Francisco, California, near the tech center. But they work in more places than just these.

What happens if my Shipt package is lost?

When you lose a Shipt package, it can be really frustrating.

You can fix the issue quite easily by following the instructions below:

  1. Check the tracking info to see if it’s just delayed or went to the wrong place.
  2. Contact Shipt customer service if you’re still not sure where your package is.
  3. Tell the customer service person about your problem and give them your order details.
  4. Do what Shipt asks you to help them find your package. They may need more info or ask you to wait a bit.
  5. If your package is really lost, Shipt will give you a refund or send you new stuff if possible.